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About Pick N' Pack Dog Treats

Pick N’ Pack was founded strictly on the premise that our furry friends deserve the best. The inspiration? Our founders very own mixed pets. Their Puggle Pudgy and Morkie Mylo enjoy a variety of different treats and have their very own unique preferences. Tired of the same old mundane doggy treat flavors stocked on the shelves, in combination with having to make double purchases to satisfy each pup sparked up an idea. What if pups and their owners didn’t have to be forced to choose just one treat? We think back to the days of going to the pet store and picking up a 10 lb box of “Dog Biscuits”. No flavor- just dog biscuits. How boring is that? Our dogs are more like family, so we knew they deserved so much more.

PICK AND PACK Mix dog treats

Think about it. Even though you love cake, would you want to eat the same piece of cake and the same flavor for the rest of your life? We think not! Thus, Pick N’ Pack was created. Tailor-made gourmet treats, with human-grade ingredients that are actually used in many of our own family recipes, but this time just for our furry friends. Now you can let your pups explore different flavors and let you know which ones they love. We know your pals will appreciate the gift of variety as you mix and match their treats for a surprise every time. The best part is, once you find their favorites, you can customize your treat bags to include exactly what they like. Our one-of-a-kind treats stand out because of their fresh local ingredients, impeccable quality, and unique flavors. No junk. Just food that you know!

PICK AND PACK Mix dog treats

You pick em’, we pack em’

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