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Pick N Pack Dog Treats – 1 Pound Pack

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At Pick N Pack, we believe your dog’s treats can be delicious AND healthy. All of our dog treats are made with quality, natural ingredients that you can name—no fillers, preservatives, or animal byproducts.

You can choose from eight different treat varieties, and mix and match flavors to create your dog’s perfect treat bag. Choose up to 4 flavors (4 ounces each) to build your 1 pound pack. 

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Apple Cinna Bears

Apple Cinna Bears Dog Treats

PB Pumpkin Bones

PB Pumpkin Bones Dog Treats

Tropical Aloha Treats

Tropical Aloha banna dog treats

Blueberry Breakfast Delight

Blueberry breakfast delight dog treats

Sweet Potato Safari

Sweet Potato Safari dog treats

PB Bones

PB Bones peanut butter dog treats

Berry Blast Cupcakes & Donuts

Berry Blast Cupcakes and Doughnuts dog treats

Cheesy Peasy Pretzels

Out of stock

Cheesy Peasy Pretzels Dog Treats

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Pick N Pack Dog Treats – 1 Pound Pack


More Dog Treat Varieties and More Health Benefits in Every Pack

Your dog deserves treats that are as healthy as they are tasty. 

That’s why we pack our treats full of vitamins, nutrients, and real ingredients. No GMOs, preservatives, or animal by-products to be found—just wholesome, natural ingredients you could eat yourself. 

From immune-boosting antioxidants to digestive-supporting fiber and probiotics, our treats go beyond being a tasty reward for your dog’s good behavior. They offer health benefits to support your pup’s happiness and wellbeing.

Why Choose Pick N Pack Dog Treats? 

  • Human grade, natural ingredients: We use only the best ingredients to give your dog a nutritious and delicious treat experience. Every treat from Pick N Pack is free of preservatives, GMOs, salt, corn, and soy. 
  • Conveniently ships right to your door: Get high quality, gourmet dog treats delivered right to your door. Pick up to 4 different flavors for your dog to enjoy, and we’ll pack them and ship them to you.
  • A variety of delicious flavors your dog will love: Your dog will never get bored with so many delicious flavor options to mix and match. All of our treats are made with your dog’s health and taste buds in mind, so you can’t go wrong.

Pick N Pack’s gourmet dog treats are the tasty snack your dog’s been missing. Build your perfect pack today.

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PICK AND PACK Mix dog treats

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